heathrow Terminal 1

Europier Heathrow was designed to incorporate 10 aircraft stands what use to be accessed by bus. Cost effective construction was key with repetitive standardised elemtns throughout the bring down the cost whilst also providing a well designed beautiful and easy to use environment,. 

The Terminal 1 project was a particularly complicated brief made up of ‘airside’ and ‘landside’ interventions which were made all the more problematic by the need to maintain an operational terminal building.

The original 1960s Frederick Gibbard terminal  building  was  extended with a new international departures lounge and flight connections centre which housed an expanding demand for duty free shopping. The  project was later extended to join to the Europier satellite which was under construction throughout the latter stages of the T1 project.

Stuart was the Project Architect for RSH-P for this scheme, which became the first of a number of projects in and around Heathrow.


Stuart Forbes was the project archtitect for this project. These escalators connect the terminal building to the pedestrian walkway to the main terminal building.