saadiyat island

The urban oasis. Shaded courtyards form the heart of the fare inspired buildings creating relaxing gardens for local residents. Modern architecture, middle eastern vernacular design.  

Located 500m off the coast of Abu-Dhabi, Stuart Forbes Associates have been asked by Far Glory to masterplan the area linking New York University campus to the Marina District of Saadiyat Island.

The project's key drivers were to minimise the use of cars and promote environmentally friendly  transportation. This was done by creating a direct pedestrian link between the NYU campus and the marina. This raised boulevarde, or ‘highline’, is flanked by shops and local amenities to create a local high street for the development.

At the same time the design had to meet excellent environmental ratings whilst also being cost effective and fast to build.  

Our approach for the residential buildings started from the analysis of the local vernacular, the Fareej. We developed a modern version of this local housing style to create a masterplan that forms around a necklace of cool shaded courtyards creating an urban oases for all the residents and visitors. The orientation of the blocks minimise solar gain whilst maximising cool air flow from the sea to naturally keep the area cool.

The residential blocks and courtyard oases surround the highline. The buildings are tallest along this main thoroughfare and crescendo to the Marina. These dynamic building will create an internationally recognised skyline in keeping with the TDIC vision for Saadiyat Island.

Diagrams demonstrating the Fareej inspired buildings for the concept for the masterplan.
The fareej inspired buildings come together to form distinct communities within the masterplan.
Exploded axonometric of the building showing the key construction components that make op the retail spaces, apartments and penthouses. 
CGI by Team Macarie showing the retail and apartments down the main pedestrian avenue..
CGI by team macarie of the main boulevard down the the Saadiyat Island New York University Campus to the Marina  
CGI  CGI by Team M acarie of the luxury Marina. The avenues all lead down to a public promenade on the waters edge.
The night view plan of the whole development. The courtyards form urban oases between the bruins and the avenues leads down to the marina promenade. Private penthouse courtyards form the top floors of the residential buildings. A transport hub at the top of the development acts as a central node for the areas local transport links.