royal avenue

Located just off the Kings Road, Royal Avenue is the Grad I listed home of Lord and Lady Rogers of RIverside. Stuart Forbes Associates have refurbished the residence..

This Grade II Listed, landmark Chelsea home needed a sensitive touch to integrate a formerly separated ground floor apartment back into the main body of the house, providing greater guest accommodation and entertaining space for its high profile owners. Whilst the project did not mirror the size and scale of larger commercial buildings, the complexity of detail and statutory negotiations is none the less onerous, and has exercised the practice's ability to successfully integrate a contemporary detail within the context of the traditional fabric of the building.

A specialist building Restoration Company was also contracted by Stuart Forbes Associates to carry out necessary repairs to the external facade of the building. The Works were carried out painstakingly sensitively in line with Conservation policy and the restrictions placed on the Grade II Listed Building and the result is a dramatic improvement and sharpening of the appearance of the facade.

Stuart Forbes Associates are currently working with ARUP engineers to design a contemporary lift installation which will contrast with the traditional external appearance of this well known and publicised building. As with the previous work on the property this will involve much communication with the local planning authorities and listed building officers.

The modern glass and steel extension linking the lower floors of the property.
The kitchen. Polished stainless steel. Elegance and efficient in design.
'The luxury of space' The kitchen and living area of the home with dinesen floor boards,.
The machine work of the house - pipes and infrastreucture.
The double height living room with library mezzanine above the kitchen.
Andy Wharlo's Mao Zedong Portraits
The kitchen. Polished stainless steel, dinesen floor boards. Georgian terrace house refurbishment.