redgrave road

This victorian terraced house has had a new basement added. A double height atrium links the spaces creating visual link between the living room, dining room and kitchen. 

Redgrave Road is a late Victorian property which had not been touched for 50 years before Stuart Forbes Associates' interventions. Rather than simply knock out the dividing wall between the ground floor reception rooms creating an awkward linear space with two fireplaces in it and no natural centre to the room, a more dramatic solution was created, expanding the area of the functional living space of the house by digging an additional level into the property.


Again, rather than take the traditional route of creating a rather dark subterranean space, a spectacular double height "atrium' was built in the centre of the property. The space created by the atrium and the surrounding glass balustrade and glass skylight added to the new small rear extension ensured that the new basement area was flooded with natural light.

The views from space to space also cleverly help to unify the ground and lower ground floor spaces. The property has been widely published and has become a landmark project for basement construction in its innovative use of light and space within the confines of an existing building.

The landscaped front garden provides a green buffer to the property. It allows natural light down to the kitchen whilst also maintaining the residents privacy, 
Detail image showing the frames glass balustrades that surround the staircase. These allow natural light to flow down through the living and dining spaces down into the kitchen,
The landscape green terraces at the front of the house with a staircase down to the basement.
The master bedroom for the property. Contemporary joinery elegantly frame the bed adding storage space to the room.
The new kitchen in the basement of the property. The glass __ to the staircase brings additional light to allow the space be naturally light. Modern art hangs on the walls bringing colour to the space.