lightbox theatre


The brief for this project was to create a lively public function that would be the centre piece of a new mixed use development in the heart of the Smithfield area of Dublin city centre. The design was centred around a flexible theatre and auditorium which were placed in the centre of the plan and buffered by 'back of house' and administration space to the north, and a bar and restaurant function to the south. The project's function in the context of the larger development was to act as a destination venue which would provide life and vitality to a major piece of inner city regeneration

Haymarket Lane to the south of the site was to be animated by the presence of an 'active' facade which created a minimal physical barrier between inner and outer spaces. The planting of trees and the creation of a cafe/bar environment would help breathe life into an underutilised asset of the development. The internal planning of the venue was folded about a central spine which created an internal street that helped to divide the separate functional areas and providing an acoustic buffer between the quiet of the auditorium and the noise of the bar and restaurant. A large illuminated wall created 'wayfinding' and signaled the route through the venue. Glass bridges spanned over the inner street, which created high level links to the upper auditorium and the theatre bar.