This stunning French farmhouse sits amongst immaculate gardens in Normandy. A sympathetic extension was added by creating a basement and additional tower to the rear of the property,

This beautiful property nestled in the stunning French countryside is constructed in the traditional Normandy style with timber structure and columbarge. The client asked Stuart Forbes Associates to develop a design for the property which would manifest in an increase to the internal area of the property by 45% through a sympathetically designed extension which includes an archetypal Norman Tower and the introduction of a basement library, cinema, entertainment and media space.


Refurbishment of the ground first and second floors combines contemporary furnishings and finishes against the background of the attractive traditional external construction.

In addition to the planning of the principal house, the practice has been retained to further develop a comprehensive landscape master plan for the 10 acre site surrounding the property which will include the formation of a formal planned garden and large scale remodelling of the landmass surrounding the property. The organic forms of the contours create amphitheatre-like focal points for special planting and sculpture in areas of the garden. Site analysis through mapping and site visits with the clients pinpointed the locations of these focal points.

Front elevation.- architectural drawing - this period house has extended the floor plates and had an additional floor added in the form of a basement
The house during construction, New steel beans hold up the original timer structure with the new basement added below.
Half way through construction - the roof was refurbished using all the original ties from the existing roof and new tiles for the extension.
Rear elevation - architectural drawing - like for like extension with additional tower,
3D explored visualisation showing the prepared scope of works undertaken,
The finished refurbishment. The master bedroom and bathroom are located in the tower. Landscaped gardens and lawns surround the property.
Detial of the existing building and the apple orchid. 
The garden door and  landscaped garden
The kitchen and homely ornaments.