Elias House

Concept Sketch of the Elias House -  Pacific Palisades Los Angeles, Californian, United States of America  - Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, Richard Rogers Partnership, Stuart Forbes
Elevation view of the concept model. The roof his held up by pair of masts. Glass walls make the building as light a possible.
Embedded into the counters of the land. This house is the epitome of modernity. 
A swimming pool and terrace sit beside the main building. The masts hold up the roof allowing a column-less structure with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

The project for a three bedroom house produced a dramatic design with a double-masted steel structure suspending a floating roof plane measuring 18 by 27.5 meters. The accommodation, in an elevated position and with the body of the house sunken into the terrain, comprises a master bedroom, two guest bedrooms, kitchen-dining area, double height lounge, four bathrooms, swimming pool, spa pool and a basement. Beyond the pool, provision was made for a self-contained study, while separate staff accommodation was to be located adjacent to the main entrance drive and car port.

The house was designed to be light and spacious, with sliding glass doors  giving  access  to  external terraces adjacent to the swimming and spa pools. The living area was specifically situated to take maximum advantage of the spectacular views overlooking the Pacific Palisades.

Servicing is by means of a passive heating system, the house having been designed to capture the prevailing winds and sea breezes. Cool air was to be extracted from tunnels below the house to provide basic air-conditioning whilst, conversely, heat stored in ‘air-flow’ cavities below the terraces during the hot California day could be made available for use during the cooler evenings.

Elevation of the house 
Elias House plan 
Concept model of the Elias House - car parking is to the rear of the property nestled under roof and carved into the hillside.
Staff quarters are located by the entrance gate in their own building. A swimming pool and terrace line look down onto the Pacific Palisades.