Dalton Street

Stuart Forbes Associates has designed this sympathetic infill development to complete a residential pocket in West Norwood. Close to the West Norwood and Lancaster Avenue conservation areas in the London Borough of Lambeth. The project is currently under planning consideration.

The proposed redevelopment has been designed in accordance with the most up to date accessibility regulations and standards, achieving a fully accessible and compliant building and includes the erection of a residential building block on 3 levels and a Lower Ground level, providing 17 flats providing high standard accommodation.

The building massing is a direct reflection of the pattern and scale of the surrounding buildings, designed to minimise a negative impact on the adjoining properties. The building benefits from a well landscaped defensible space to the street junction, providing protection and privacy to the ground floor apartments. Residents will benefit from an extensive landscaped communal area at the rear of the property, including safe play and seating area, terraced planting and bicycle storage.  

The concept for this site, located just behind the busy Norwood Road, part of a current Local Authority regeneration zone, is to create a subtle addition to the local streetscape and regenerate a dilapidated pair of buildings.

At the heart of the design strategy lies the determination to realise the full potential from this challenging brownfield site while taking into consideration several constraints due to nearby properties. Dalton Street is a quiet backstreet who’s main purposes serves as an access point to the shops on Norwood Road, as well as the apartments above. The rear facade of these properties subsequently forms a saw tooth along Dalton Street creating an inconsistent building line.

Our proposal seeks to balance the scale of these properties and complete the residential parcel formed between Lancaster Avenue and Chatsworth Way. The building will become the keystone along Dalton Street.

Massing diagrams showing the design process. These diagrams for Dalton Street explain the design rationale of the project.
Garden elevation for Dalton Street. The buiding contians 17 aparments.
Axonometric sketch explaing the key Portland stone elements to the building. 
Landscape ground plan. Duplex apartments shown with the gardens including a rock garden, children's playground, secure bicycle parking, and a secrure bin store.
Architectural model of 21-28 Dalton Street. The Garden view is show with the houses from Chatsworth Way and Lancaster Avenue surrounding the property.
Elevation photograph of the architectural model along Chatsworth Way. The modern contemporary development for Elemento contains a set back fought floor to minimse the impact on the street.
Plan view photograph of the architectural model. The buildings design has be driven to maximise the distances between the new deveopment and existing propertes.
Architectual model photogrpah of the Stuart Forbes Associates designed Dalton Street scheme.
Modern stone and a contempoary landscaped gardens. Dalton Street, West Norwood.
Brick and cladding material reference. inspirational Children's playground for the Dalton Street scheme.
Brick and wooden cladding material reference for the Dalton Street scheme. Pleached trees will line the back garden for the privicy of neghbours and local residents.