blackrock clinic

Blackrock Clinic, Dublin, Ireland. Concept sketch of the new building to add extra patacient, office and research spaces to the exisitng privtae hospital.  
Concept sketches for the first three floors of Blackrock clinic. The sketches explain the layout of the building and design rationale behind the project.

Blackrock Clinic in Dublin is one of the most respected private medical hospitals in Ireland and has consultants with worldwide reputations. Originally, the hospital began with a single building constructed in the 1970s which, in itself, was considered a landmark building.

The site is on the Rock Road, commanding the most impressive views across the Dublin Bay. Through the growing success of the hospital's reputation it has grown over time and has consolidated the demand for more operational procedures and changing patient needs. The Board of Directors had secured additional land surrounding the building which had given an opportunity to consider a holistic development program for the site and the business in an effort to maintain the hospitals standing as the foremost private medical facility in Ireland.


Stuart Forbes Associates was retained as Architect to develop a site wide masterplan enabling the client to develop further their own business plan and, secondly, providing a building form which complemented and added to the existing infrastructure established on the site.

The site context was assessed in detail, including traffic analysis and road improvement schemes as well as impact on the local community. The findings of this analysis were then developed into a single scheme which manifested in a striking building form which maximised the potential for long distance views from the new building and also did not compromise the established views from the original building. Unfortunately the changing financial environment forced the Board of Directors to place the further development of the scheme on hold.

CGI for the Blackrock Clinic proposal by Stuart Forbes Associates
Concept sketch of the arrival area for Blackrock clinic
CGI for the Blackrock Clinic, dublin Ireland.
Concept sketch showing the terraced garden between the two splayed wings of the new building. 
Architectural model of the Blackrock clinic proposal
Architectural model photogrpah of the Blackrock Clinicn, Rubin, Ireland proposa.
The main glazed atrium allowing views from existing Blacrock Clinic buildigns to the current building closer to the sea. 
Architectural model of the Blackrock clinic proposal