aluna pier


Working alongside the sculptor Laura Williams, Stuart Forbes Associates are involved in an exciting and unique proposal for the world's first tidal powered moon clock.

Larger than Stonehenge, Aluna's forty metre wide, five storey high structure is made up of three concentric translucent recycled glass rings. By looking at how each ring is illuminated, the Moon's movements, its current phase, the ebb and flow of the tides can be followed. This animation of light is called 'Alunatime'.


A waterside landmark and public sculpture for Greenwich, the Aluna Project draws on the long established time and naval associations of the locality to provide a new attraction and to improve and enhance the riverside public realm.

Stuart Forbes Associates has been retained as architect for the project and Masterplanning of the surrounding public realm which includes the integration of a new river pier, floating garden and education structures.

This varied brief is tied together by the suggestion of a new river based boardwalk which physically links a number of activities that are all interrelated and sympathetic to one another.