144 Uxbridge Road

This new development takes design elements from the Hanwell Clock Tower. The building steps back to the western corner to minimise the effect on the local conservation areas.

Our vision for the regeneration of 144-156 Uxbridge Road is to create a vibrant mixed use development. The development will aim to have a high design quality whilst also meeting all sustainable and space benchmarks. The site is located within Hanwell District Centre.

At the heart of the design strategy lies the determination to realise the potential from this

challenging brownfield site. Formerly a petrol station and then a Peugeot car garage, the site has an important location on Uxbridge Road between the heart of the town centre and the junction with Lower Boston Road.

The site is currently disused and our objective is to transform the site into a vibrant residential development with ground floor commercial floorspace activating the ground plane along on the Uxbridge Road.

This new animated ground floor will help create a safer environment for the local community by eliminating spaces people can loiter and cause anti-social behavior from.

Our ambition is to create a high quality design that has regard to the positive elements in the surrounding context and establish a strong sense of place that will positively influence the future character of the area.

On the Uxbridge Road six storeys of residential apartments block with 40 apartments will sit above the retail floor. The top three floors are set back to allow the building fa├žade to match the buildings directly across from the site. Along Westminster Road seven three storeys townhouses will match the existing scale of the buildings down the street and across the local area.

Concept sketch of the proposal. Tree lined avenue along Westminster Road with planted corners on the Uxbridge Road. 
The southern facade with brise soleil minimising overlooking and also defending the building from too much solar gain. Plant is located in the basement of the building undrneath the undergorund car park. 
Architectural model of the proposed scheme. 40 apartments and 8 townhouses. The apartments are all dual aspect. The townhouses have private gardens that back onto the existing townhouses along George Street,
Plan view of the mode. The building is to the north of the site meaning there are no overshadowing issues to the townhouses on George Street to the South
The western elevation to the scheme. Modern apartments and contemporary townhouses. All the apartmetns have private balconies and the tonwhouses all have private gardnes.
Westminster Road townhouses. The front elevation contains large windows and well designed bin stores. The rear of the property has a private terrace for the mater bedroom
Glass and steel staircases. Vertical windows 
Local London materials. Brick,.
Movable shading panels, green walls and corten steel.