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This project, designed at a time when Berlin was beginning the process of reunification, may not have been built but still came to be a powerful landmark for the aspirations of the redevelopment of the Berlin during this momentous period for the city.

The building, at its highest, presented an observation tower which at the time would have pierced the Berlin Skyline. It was a lightweight steel supported structure which had clear articulation and again gave contrast to the cast concrete superstructure of the main body of the building. Nested in the centre of the wings of the tower blocks, Stuart had proposed a 10 storey atrium structure which was to be entirely hung from one single structural beam. This element provided a balance point for huge fabricated steel beams which were coupled to the beam like rockers on a giant cam shaft. The structure and resulting atrium gave rise to the building's name 'Zoo Window' as a consequence of the fact that the site, formerly occupied by a 1950s office block, looked directly at the entrance to the Kurfurstendamn Zoological garden.