The site is at the junction of wood street and the London Wall in the City and was formerly occupied by a 1920’s telephone exchange.

The project presented an opportunity to explore a high degree of complexity and efficiency of structure, which has developed a clear legibility of engineering principle in the built form. The Lightweight, steel framed service towers, contain Toilets, Lifts and escape stairs which are supported by the minimum number of structural elements, each dependant on the other and all essential to provide the stability of the structure.

The core structures present the perfect balance to the heavier cast in situ concrete towers which rise to eighteen storeys. The building contains 33,000m2 of let office space which environmentally is controlled by a triple glazed active facade, which is formed of single panels of ‘diamond white’ low iron glass. Solar controlled horizontal blind units are activated by roof top photocells, which monitor external light values and adjusts the angle of the blinds to assist in the control of solar glare, heat gain and energy consumption.